Read carefully the rules mentioned below before you use the Wayland internet shop. The purchaser should confirm that has been instructed of the rules and concerns to all of them.


1.1 General information

Wayland internet shop is owned by Wayland Folding Kayaks reside at :

WAYLAND Folding Kayaks
Parcele Łomskie
06-500 Mława
NIP : 569-130-04-79

website :

Any remarks, comments, queries please direct on:

1.2 Orders

  • Wayland internet shop sell all over the world. The customers from outside European Union pay gross price VAT included ( price showed in internet shop ). Purchasing duty free.
  • Contact : landline /mobile phone number or e-mail of the purchaser must be given to confirm the order.
  • The customer of Wayland internet shop consents to put his or her personal details in the Wayland internet shop customers base and to process data in accordance with goals and provisions of Wayland internet shop. All personal details are protected according to Personal Data Security Act dated 29.08.1997 ( Dz.U nr 133 poz.883 ).
  • The Wayland internet shop user has the right to look into his or her personal details, correct and modify them due to mentioned above Personal Data Security Act. Wayland Folding Kayaks make for every user the right to data processing control in accordance with article 32 of Personal Data Security Act.
  • You can order by order form on : or e-mail on : , or by phone/fax  on : ( +48 ) ( 0 ) 23 654 44 06.
  • You may use the loyalty programs ( discount ) provided that you open Wayland internet shop account applying proper form. If you order just once you do not need to open the account.
  • Order lead time up to 21 workdays.
  • You can check your order status logging on your Wayland internet shop account.
  • To receive VAT invoice request it while order.
  • We take orders 24 hours a day.
  • Not confirmed orders are not led.
  • The customers are informed about lacking goods and their probable delivery date.
  • All Wayland internet shop prices are given in Euro with VAT included.
  • Ordering means accepting the rules.
  • The customer orders and receives PRO FORMA Invoice and the confirmation that the order has been taken. Leading commencing.
  • VAT invoice is issued when all ordered goods are packed , completed and ready to send to customer.
  • The customer may change the order before the invoice is issued.
  • The customer may cancel the order via e-mail or by phone on :
  • Every available goods price is binding at the order time and after the order is done the price is unchanging
  • Temporarily unavailable goods prices are not, according to the law, the price offer
  • If any given product is unavailable in store, the delivery time will be twice as long as the store supplying time. The customer will be informed by phone or via e-mail immediately.
  • The store reserves the right to change the goods prices being in offer, add new goods into the internet shop offer, provide and cancel promotions in internet shop and make any changes

2.1 Costs and deliveries

  • To every order the delivery costs are added. The customer chooses the way of delivery while order. We use : GLS, POLAMER, Yellow Cargo, Poczta Polska to deliver our products. The costs depend on weight of goods. The products are delivered on the address indicated by the customer.
  • The customers pay for the products by transfer before dispatch, at the collection or using electronic payment ( Paypal : account ) price + delivery costs depending on payment way indicated in order form.
  • The forwarder is responsible for all formalities connected to payment ” at collection ” transaction.
  • The customers make the down payment putting the order number in payment title space. When the money is transferred on the account, the order is led.
  • Any complaints related to mechanical damages during transportation or any missing goods will be investigated by the forwarder. The complaint will be accepted after report of survey.
  • The date of ordered goods delievery is 5-21 workdays after order confirmation, as long as there are not any other changes between the store and the purchaser.
  • Wayland Folding Kayaks is not responsible for forwarder quality service.

2.2 Delievery costs

Any other type of parcel – Poczta Polska price offer is binding
Courier service – costs depend on way of payment

  • The costs of delivery of the ordered goods are consistent with GLS, POLAMER, YELLOW PAGES or POCZTA POLSKA price offer. The Pro Forma invoice will comprise the information about costs of delivery  and the customer will be informed about it in separate e-mail to accept it.

Any doubts and queries please contact by phone on : ( +48 ) ( 0 ) 23 654 44 06 or e-mail on : or

3. Terms of payment

  • Three terms of payment are preferred by our company : transfer down payment on bank account, PAYPAL electronic payment ( the customer chooses the terms of payment while order).

4. Complaints and goods return

  • All Wayland available goods have the producer’s warranty. If there are any complaints please contact immediately to the shop , presenting purchase receipt or VAT invoice and describing circumstances of damage. The shop bear the costs of return of the goods.
  • If customer finds any technical faults or damages during delivery , should send it back to the shop address mentioned above.
  • Any other transportation costs connected to complained goods are covered by the shop unless the claims are unjustified.
  • Any damaged product will be exchanged into the operating one and if it impossible ( being caused of out of edition ), the shop will return the money equivalent or offer other available goods.
  • Wayland Folding Kayaks offer high quality products in order to customer satisfaction. The customer may return ordered goods according to the provisions of the Act dated 02.03.2000 ( Customer Rights Security Act and responsibility for hazardous product caused harm- Dz. U. 00.22.271 ) .
  • In accordance with mentioned above Customer Rights Security Act and responsibility for hazardous product caused harm, the customer may resign our product without any reason within 10 days and waive the agreement. It may be done only if goods is disused and not damaged by the customer. The goods has to be returned untouched.
  • The purchaser pays for the return of the goods.
  • The shop accept no cash on delivery parcels.
  • If the claim is accepted the money is immediately returned to the customer. The parcel has to be attached with the invoice with the complain space filled in. Any complains are considered within 14 workdays beginning with the date of approach.
  • The goods has to be returned along with invoice. The shop guarantee the goods equivalent return. The money will be returned within 7 workdays beginning with the date of goods return or claim accept by the bank transfer or by postal order on the account or address indicated by customer. Delivery and goods return costs come under the regulation  of return accept.
  • Any controversies are considered by the court appropriate for the defendant or the court appropriate for the place where the agreement was led.

5. Safety

  • Wayland Folding Kayaks hereby state that any personal data obtained are confident. They will not be exposed in accordance to Personal Data Security Act dated 29.08.1997. According to mentioned above Act , the customers have the right to look into their personal data, correct and modify them or demand to stop using them in future.

6. Final provisions

  • The rules operate both Wayland internet shop and the customers since 01.01.2008
  • The rules are binding for Wayland internet shop and its users since 01.01.2008
  • Wayland Folding Kayaks reserve the right to change the rules. Any changes come to existence within 14 days of the release date.