The history of the company begins in 1996, when the idea of ​​making a kayak in a home workshop was born. The need arose from the lack of this type of equipment on the Polish market and the high prices of foldable kayaks manufactured by Western companies.

In response to this need, due to the growing interest in kayaking sports, we have made an attempt to develop our own folding kayak designs, the effect of which is the appearance of two kayak models on the barren Polish market – two and one person.

The unquestionable advantages of a folding kayak – ease of transport, small dimensions after folding, the possibility of a sail drive, good nautical properties and low weight make it an attractive offer for heavy and uncomfortable plastic kayaks. Modern fabrics that are extremely durable and resistant to mechanical, chemical and aging damage – used for the coverings, allow you to canoe in lowland waters, but also in mountain and sea waters.

In designing, we rely on the patterns of the world’s best manufacturers of this type of equipment and, apart from our own innovations, we try to introduce in our products what is the best and proven in the competition. We systematically improve the quality of our products.

Our clients are recruited from among enthusiasts of folding kayaking from all over the world and we are systematically gaining new customers for our products.

Our products, their high quality, durability and efficient warranty and post-warranty service as well as an additional warranty for some elements of the products (after the warranty period) give us a good opinion among users. We systematically expand the scope of our offer. The products are constantly modified in accordance with the perceptions and opinions of users, which allows to constantly improve functionality and increase the quality of the structure.

Our employees are highly qualified specialists in the field of engineering and construction. We design based on modern CAD methods and the latest engineering knowledge.

In Poland, you can find our products in several stores with which we constantly cooperate in Warsaw and other cities – or contact us directly.


By constantly striving to improve the product, Wayland makes every effort to achieve the high quality of its foldable kayaks. The kayaks are designed to meet the highest requirements for long-term canoe expeditions combined with the toughest conditions in every corner of the globe where the highest reliability is required.

WAYLAND kayaks are to guarantee the highest level of safety in all situations, ensure comfort of use even during the longest expeditions. They are designed for canoeing on all types of water, inland, sea and ocean.

We invite you to discover the wonders of nature from the deck of our folding kayaks.

Experience an unlimited expedition, surrounded by crystal clear water, the depth of greenery of a calm lake or the swift current of a mountain river. Let your imagination run wild, reach beyond the horizon, feel lightness and freedom.

With WAYLAND kayaks you will achieve even more, so you will feel safe, during wonderful trips you will enter a different world that you will never forget. Enjoy the water, water is Life, be its part, it’s fascinating and so simple.